Lets play Meow match level 416 HARD LEVEL HD 1080P

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Meow match new level 416 special edition

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This was the very first series I ever recorded for my channel. Bask in the dodgy sound from my old headset with a built-in mic. I used an old kitchen sponge to cover the mic to try and reduce popping, didn’t work amazingly, but trust me, it did improve it. I also have a massive sock wrapped around the headset so it fit on my tiny head better.

I love time management games! In this game I take on a failed nursery and attempt to turn it into a thriving farm spanning three acres. Watch me as I run around like a crazy hatter constantly counting to three, in the old classic time management game, Ranch Rush.

This series had no affiliation with Big Fish Games.

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○ Outtakes: None
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○ Stardew Valley – http://blarla.com/l/stardew_valley.html

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https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-jFexebZN8iwefqBBFe6TS3yTX0shaTg Играем Онлайн

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